• Crash fixed in the sculpting tutorial.
  • Crash fixed when placing Settlement statue.
  • Followers will no longer die on voyages 2, 5 and 8.
  • Follower navigation improved.
  • Various text fixes.
  • Many images are no longer placeholders.

Known IssuesПравить

  • Clicking on the first chest before the prompt will break the logic of Tutorial and stop progression.
  • The second Follower in the Leash Technique does not help build the abode.
  • Female names are assigned to the male character models on the miners and farmers.
  • Followers wandering around in circles. No navigable path to temple goal, will be looking into ways to make blockages more clear.
  • Voyages map 12 repeated.
  • First time loading the game offline will crash. You can still play offline if you first launch while online.
  • The Steam overlay does not appear when GODUS is in full screen.
  • When greyed out, the OK button on the Voyage of Discovery bidding screen will move the slide.
  • Sometimes there will be graphical glitches after placing roads in a Settlement..
  • Story mode and Versus mode are disabled.
  • Changing to full-screen mode may cause the game to crash.

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